How to plan a wonderful butterfly themed wedding

Butterflies are the most beautiful insects, they are hailed as “flying flowers.” In the ancient Indian, there was a legend, if the new couples tell their wish softly to butterflies, and then fly the butterflies, these butterflies bring the wish to the elves and angels in heaven, and the good wishes will come true. So, a butterfly is romantic messenger of love. If you can hold a romantic butterfly theme wedding, you will be able to open the best life journey.

Since it is a butterfly themed wedding, a butterfly bouquet is a must-have iterm, the wedding bouquet occupies a pivotal position in the wedding. The styles of the wedding bouquets are very important. You can choose a beautiful wedding bouquet decorated with a variety of lovely butterflies which made of colored paper, it’s so beautiful romantic!

You can decorate the reception desk with garland which made of pink fresh roses, in the central of the garland, you can place some wonderful butterflies which made of beautiful papers. You can also write some romantic sentences in the middle of the garland to bring a warm and romantic atmosphere for the wedding. The paper butterflies will dance lightly in the breeze, the wedding is full of vitality.

In organizing the butterfly theme wedding, it is best to improve the appearance rate of butterflies at the wedding site layout! For example, at the top of the table, you can place some beautiful paper folded butterflies, or paste some butterflies with different colors as decoration on the walls, this will not only bring good atmosphere to the wedding, but can also create a Smart natural feeling, the wedding will be so unique.

Perfect theme wedding is inseparable with detail embellishment, since you want to create a butterfly theme wedding, you can use butterfly decorative in various places on the wedding! Such as cutlery, tables, chairs, tablecloths and so on, all can be decorated with butterflies. What’s more, you can DIY the wedding venue to make your wedding place more beautiful and leave prefect impression on your wedding guests.

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