Ideas for buffet wedding

In nowadays, many young people do not like the old form of legalistic wedding ceremony, they want their wedding to be a buffet-style party, today I would recommend you some ideas on preparing for a buffet-style wedding party.

Indoor buffet-style wedding party
There are two types for buffet in banquet hall. The first is that you can sit and enjoy the delicious food at the dinner table. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. This will not make the hall look too messy. The second is that there are no dinner tables, the service is relatively less, the guests can walk around freely and enjoy themselves. There are usually western-style long tables or rectangular tables, the guests can communicate with each other freely

Outdoor buffet-style wedding party
Romantic outdoor wedding has become the choice for more and more young people. Perfect buffet, lovely flowers, exciting party… the wedding integrates with the nature, these are the reasons why people love the outdoor wedding. Many wedding guests believe that this form of wedding is full of fun and quite innovative. If your wedding is in held in the spring, having a romantic outdoor wedding in the countryside is a good idea. The choice for outdoor buffet venue is relatively wide, the patio and lawn are very good places for outdoor buffet-style wedding. For those who select outdoor wedding buffet, the weather factor is the primary consideration, it is recommended to select spring and autumn.

Table decorations and food for buffet wedding
Flowers are one of the most striking wedding props, whether the bouquets or table flowers, all are shouldn’t been tied up very unceremoniously, you must take the type of flowers into consideration, there are must be a harmonious relationship between color and shape, you’d better determine a primary color with the florist in advance. Do not be over decorated, too much styling will make people feel tacky.

Main dishes for the buffet should meet the guests’ tastes. If you’re are not sure, you can ask the guests for their preferred tastes, and make some multi-select dishes, if the election is the specialty restaurants, you can choose some specialties which have very good reputation, prepare pre-made meals before the dinner.


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