Tips On Planning A Romantic Hawaii Wedding

Clean and blue sea, bright sunshine, white beaches and gorgeous flowers, Hawaii seems to meet all your romantic dreams. Hawaii has become a paradise for countless couples to promise wedding vows. If you are planning a wedding, you can choose Hawaii for your wedding place, the exotic Hawaii wedding will be your lifetime memories.

Traditional Wedding: Seawater sends blessings

Hawaii wedding industry is very mature. As long as you have requested, the local tourism companies will arrange you a wedding ceremony according to native Hawaiian traditional wedding ceremony. The chiefs elders will dress in Hawaiian clothes and preside over the wedding, left hand holding a wooden bowl, right hand holding a banana leaf, slowly come with music played by ukulele , the beautiful hula dancers will welcome the guests with graceful dance. Hawaiians believe that the sea gods blessed the couple, the sea creatures are friends of human beings, such as sharks, dolphins and so on, your respect for these ocean creatures will bring you lifelong protection. So, when the ceremony began, the elders will enter the sea firstly, facing the sky and the sea and pray with the ancient language, pray for the couple, and then he will pour water from a wooden bowl and spray on the new couples with the new banana leaf, bringing the sea bounties and lucky to newcomers. The couple then stand face to face, forehead, nose touching, exchanging each other’s breath, feel the blessing from the sea. At such important time, a chic each wedding dress will help to make the most eye-catching bride. Check newly launched 2014 beach wedding dresses at Vogue Queen.

Best Wedding Accessories: hibiscus

Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. It is very bright color. Hawaiian put them into wreathes, give them to guests and friends. At the time of marriage, the couples will have to put hibiscus garlands, which represent luck and fidelity. The bride’s garland is sent by the bride’s father, the groom’s garland will be worn by the bride. Bright garland comes with natural fragrance, really stunning

Because the wedding will be held outdoors, seafood buffet and BBQ is very popular. There are a variety of fresh fishes in Hawaii, fresh fishes are the best choices for BBQ and sashimi. Hawaiian arts and crafts are very unique. Hawaiian four-string guitar, aromatic oil soap and candles, handmade glass and superb paintings and carvings are amazing. In addition, the luxury tax for local shops is very low. What’s more, the local shops often have special discounts, cheaper than many other countries.

Getting married in Hawaii is very easy, you only need to bring two passports, go to the Hawaii Department of Health to apply for a marriage license, and completed within 30 days of your wedding, the couple is legal.


Simple And Casual American Style Wedding Party

If you prefer a simple and casual wedding, then American style wedding party is your choice. There is no luxury wedding pomp, no noisy sound from the crowd, no monotonous traditional rules and process, you will be free to range your wedding with the simplest way. Fresh seashore, natural woods, colorful lawn, or romantic cafe, which place is your beloved one?

Romantic beach wedding

There is no hustle and bustle of the city, no those feasting, no hot weather, the beach is the longing wedding place for every romantic couple. At the beach, you can watch the sun shining on the sea, walk on the warm sand with barefoot, enjoy the sea breeze blowing your sweep, you will receive the blessing from friends and expectations from family, you will be accompanied with your lover, enjoy the food together, play together, chat and blessing, isn’t it the most romantic wedding party?

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Natural woods banquet

Under the shade of the woods, you can enjoy the breath of nature, breath the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful flowers, listen to friction sounds of leaves, the sounds that come from the nature will become the most beautiful accompaniment for the wedding banquet. Maybe in this fortunate moment, there will be small forest animals watching your wedding curiously and blessing for the couple. You can prepare wooden benches and a white canopy, lights lit at night, so that the people on the wedding would feel the quiet and comfortable atmosphere on wedding.

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Colorful lawn-party wedding

If you like the rustic charm, clean, simple and natural lawn-party is your choice. Whether the invitations, tableware, or table, the cake, the colors will make green lawn particularly rosy and vivid. You can place colored balloons, white table cloths, colorful chairs on the lawn , these are the most dazzling embellishments on the green lawn. Green lawn, white clouds, sunshine and laughter, these will all became the witnesses of the couple’s happy moments.

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Creative wedding ceremonies all over the world

Do not have any good ideas for your wedding theme? Don’t worry, I have collected 3 quite interesting wedding ceremonies all over the world for you. I hope that you can find some inspirations from these creative wedding ceremonies!

Running wedding

May 2012, two British off-road enthusiasts integrated their hobby into their wedding. Under the careful planning, this distinctive wedding started in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 31-year-old bride started 20 minutes earlier, the groom and the other 107 guests followed to chase for bride. Everyone ran five miles and climbed 1,200 feet! They have to drink at the bar near the finish line before they finish the journey. In the end, only one person caught with the bride, and everyone in the wedding witnessed this tiring but very interesting wedding.


Bikini wedding in snow field

January 22, 2011, in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in Russian, the local winter swimming club member Sergei Ivanov kissed his bride Irina Cruz Myanmar Branch in the minus 30 degrees snow field! Day, Sergei Ivanov and Irina Kaw Cruz held a winter swimming wedding in the Yenisei River regardless of the cold of minus 30 degrees temperature. The bride Irina had not received any winter swimming training, but she made her decision soon after a sauna!


Arctic wedding

Do you want to have a wonderful white wedding? A new couple tried this special wedding! May 2012, 49-year-old explorer Borge Ousland came to the North Pole to bring wife Hege to held a unique wedding regardless of the cold weather. Only 15 people witnessed the presence of sweet and happy moments, including priests, groomsmen, bridesmaid and the helicopter crew. They bless them become the world’s first couple to have a wedding in the Arctic.


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Romantic purple wedding theme

Flora’s Dictionary of Lavender is “waiting for love,” dream to have a wedding in the lavender fields? It’s really romantic! You may say that you could not find a perfect lavender field in your city, in fact, you can still use sweet purple hues to create your dream wedding in the city. Today I will offer your some wonderful ideas on preparing for a romantic lavender wedding!

First: Wedding place

The transparent glass wedding venue would be fantastic! The Panoramic glass dome will give you and your guest wonderful feelings both in the day and the night. You can place some lavender colored flowers all round the glass room. The color of lavender combined the romantic feeling that purple brings to us and the warm feeling that pink brings to us.

Second: Wineglass

Your wineglasses can be beautiful decorations on the wedding tables if you add some lovely water Lilies to the wineglasses. You can place the decorated wineglasses on the registration desk or dining tables. These lovely wineglasses are sure to add some romantic feelings to your wedding!

Third: Details

Grasp of detail can enhance the quality of the entire wedding, you can place a purple sequined tulle as tablecloths to cover on the dining table, this will create the sense of fantasy. Lavender hue tablecloths echo the purple theme. What’s more, you can put some flowers with Lavender color like gentians, bellflowers, and larkspurs in champagne glasses, which will easily convey the rich romantic mood. Such kind of floral flower can either be used as the main table adornment, or be used to decorate the reception table, no matter where you put them, they can become most beautiful sceneries on the wedding.

Fourth: Bouquet

Small round bouquet gives us sweet feeling, the lovely semicircle shape brings out the bride’s shy and sweet beauty. You might add some stunning purple lace to create more unique visual effects. What’s more, you can also put small amount of lavender color bellflowers in the bouquet to make the bride more elegant!

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How do you like traditional Morocco wedding

Morocco in North Africa has become world-famous wedding destination because of the song “Casablanca”. The touching love story of current king and queen impressed so many people. In this post, I will bring you into the mysterious grand wedding of the kingdom, you can have a taste of the exotic. This post may also bring creative inspiration for your wedding at the same time!

Moroccan wedding is famous for the grand and luxury scene of the wedding. A local proverb says that: “A memorable wedding worth a hard year of preparation,” which indicates that how the locals value the weddings and family. The current King of Morocco rejected the love of other women because of the Princess, becoming the king only got married to a wife in the country’s history, and he decreed that men of this country can only have a wife in this country. Romantic love story spread throughout the world, this fully embodies the characteristics of the local men’s special situation. In Morocco, the process of the wedding is quite complex and orderly, The bride’s dresses were responsible for one person, every aspect of wedding shows the devotion of their families to the new couples.

Moroccan wedding takes about three days, thousands of participants will attend the wedding.

First day: bathing. Typically, the couple will book a beach, their home’s female elders will participate in this ritual bath, a designated person will wash away the dust by hand for the bride, and the bride will have a body massage with local secret flowers oils. After the bath, the bride’s body is full of girl’s sweet and stunning flavour, of course, the main purpose is to let the bride and groom more romantic on their wedding night.

The next day: body painting. The bride’s hands will be painted with auspicious patterns. The paint is collected from the flowers, when applied to the body, you will feel a little itch, but the taste is quite fresh.

Third day: the ceremony. On this day, the day the bride marries groom. Formal ceremony is held in the evening. Guests are dressed in formal traditional clothing, after very lively dinner and dancing. Groom promises to the bride to take care of her for a lifetime at the wedding night.

How do you like this wedding tradition? It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Want to experience this kind of wedding? I know that many new couples love simple and casual weddings in nowadays. However the wedding day is so important day for every new couple, you may try the grand wedding styles like Morocco wedding, I’m sure that this wedding will impress you much!! Discover luxury wedding dresses at and

The inheritance of wedding dresses

Wedding dress is the most important garment in the woman’s life, it witnesses the sacred moment when a girl changes into woman. With the development of the times, we have got much more choices for the wedding dresses, we have so many style and fabrics to choose and sometimes we ignore the emotional load and mission that the wedding dress bears.

To make the wedding dress unique, some people advise that if you want to get married, ask your mother to find her wedding dress, you can wear it went into another chapter of your life; If you are married , starting today, to find ways to keep your wedding dress, and pass it to your daughter or daughter-in-law. A wedding dress with life will have a deeper meaning.

NE • TIGHER brand founder Zhang Zhifeng made ​​clothes for decades, now his daughter is going to get married, he designed and made five wedding dresses all by himself for her daughter. He devoted her deep love and bless for her daughter into the wedding dresses. For her daughter’s wedding, Zhang Zhifeng not only wants it unique, but also hopes that it inherits the marriage cultural heritage of China. So he ran out of mind in the wedding dress design. “China has a wedding dress since ancient time, there are many records about the wedding dresses in the ancient. In the different kinds of occasions, brides should wear different dresses.” Considering the present Western-style weddings are very popular, Zhang Zhifeng carefully studied how to combine Chinese and Western wedding dresses together, making the five dresses have their own characteristics.

He said that no matter the western world or the eastern world, we all have wedding dresses. In wedding tradition, first we must have love, wedding dress heritage, is the love of heritage. Secondly, each person must really have a wedding dress, this dress is yours, is to treasure, it is important to wear in important festivals. The third is to be handed down, including the love of tradition, on behalf of the whole family continuity. Now more and more people will buy a wedding dress, custom wedding dress. This shows that we are aware of the wedding tradition.

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The most popular wedding fashion trends in 2013

The year of 2013 is going to come to an end. So many new wedding fashions appeared in this year. Let’s have a look at the most popular wedding fashion trends in the past months. Which kind of wedding fashion trend will still be popular in the next year?

Black wedding dress

The Vera Wang 2014 spring/summer wedding dress series has launched some bold and avant-garde black and white wedding dresses. Remember the black punk style wedding dress that the rock queen Avril Lavigne wore on her wedding day? Black wedding dresses are not suit for every woman, but those who love unconventional things would fall in love with the unique black wedding dresses! Should wedding dress be white only? I think that colored wedding dresses are getting more and more popular. In the year of 2014, colored wedding dresses will still be quite popular! You may find lots of colored wedding dresses at

Eye-catching wedding shoes

Leopard print, sequins, fluorescent colors, feathers… so many fashion elements are added into the wedding shoes. Since you have so many fashion and lovely wedding shoes to choose, you do have to stick to the basic styles like white and cream shoes. Add some individuality and creativity to your wedding shoes! Check myglassslipper to find lots of lovely wedding shoes!

Mint green wedding accessories

Though the color that PANTONE released for 2013 is Emerald, many brides prefer the more fresh and lovely green: mint green. From the bridesmaid dress to wedding decoration and wedding cake, we can see mint green everywhere. I believe that the popularity of mint green will continue to the next year!


Wooden furniture

Rustic country style has always been a favorite wedding style for many people, many new couples choose long table and dining chairs with farm-style as wedding decorations. If you are going to have a casual wedding, the lovely wooden furniture would be perfect!


What is your opinion about the 2013 wedding fashion trend?