Ideas for buffet wedding

In nowadays, many young people do not like the old form of legalistic wedding ceremony, they want their wedding to be a buffet-style party, today I would recommend you some ideas on preparing for a buffet-style wedding party.

Indoor buffet-style wedding party
There are two types for buffet in banquet hall. The first is that you can sit and enjoy the delicious food at the dinner table. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. This will not make the hall look too messy. The second is that there are no dinner tables, the service is relatively less, the guests can walk around freely and enjoy themselves. There are usually western-style long tables or rectangular tables, the guests can communicate with each other freely

Outdoor buffet-style wedding party
Romantic outdoor wedding has become the choice for more and more young people. Perfect buffet, lovely flowers, exciting party… the wedding integrates with the nature, these are the reasons why people love the outdoor wedding. Many wedding guests believe that this form of wedding is full of fun and quite innovative. If your wedding is in held in the spring, having a romantic outdoor wedding in the countryside is a good idea. The choice for outdoor buffet venue is relatively wide, the patio and lawn are very good places for outdoor buffet-style wedding. For those who select outdoor wedding buffet, the weather factor is the primary consideration, it is recommended to select spring and autumn.

Table decorations and food for buffet wedding
Flowers are one of the most striking wedding props, whether the bouquets or table flowers, all are shouldn’t been tied up very unceremoniously, you must take the type of flowers into consideration, there are must be a harmonious relationship between color and shape, you’d better determine a primary color with the florist in advance. Do not be over decorated, too much styling will make people feel tacky.

Main dishes for the buffet should meet the guests’ tastes. If you’re are not sure, you can ask the guests for their preferred tastes, and make some multi-select dishes, if the election is the specialty restaurants, you can choose some specialties which have very good reputation, prepare pre-made meals before the dinner.


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How to plan a wonderful butterfly themed wedding

Butterflies are the most beautiful insects, they are hailed as “flying flowers.” In the ancient Indian, there was a legend, if the new couples tell their wish softly to butterflies, and then fly the butterflies, these butterflies bring the wish to the elves and angels in heaven, and the good wishes will come true. So, a butterfly is romantic messenger of love. If you can hold a romantic butterfly theme wedding, you will be able to open the best life journey.

Since it is a butterfly themed wedding, a butterfly bouquet is a must-have iterm, the wedding bouquet occupies a pivotal position in the wedding. The styles of the wedding bouquets are very important. You can choose a beautiful wedding bouquet decorated with a variety of lovely butterflies which made of colored paper, it’s so beautiful romantic!

You can decorate the reception desk with garland which made of pink fresh roses, in the central of the garland, you can place some wonderful butterflies which made of beautiful papers. You can also write some romantic sentences in the middle of the garland to bring a warm and romantic atmosphere for the wedding. The paper butterflies will dance lightly in the breeze, the wedding is full of vitality.

In organizing the butterfly theme wedding, it is best to improve the appearance rate of butterflies at the wedding site layout! For example, at the top of the table, you can place some beautiful paper folded butterflies, or paste some butterflies with different colors as decoration on the walls, this will not only bring good atmosphere to the wedding, but can also create a Smart natural feeling, the wedding will be so unique.

Perfect theme wedding is inseparable with detail embellishment, since you want to create a butterfly theme wedding, you can use butterfly decorative in various places on the wedding! Such as cutlery, tables, chairs, tablecloths and so on, all can be decorated with butterflies. What’s more, you can DIY the wedding venue to make your wedding place more beautiful and leave prefect impression on your wedding guests.

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Ideas for planning an outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding adds some elements of adventure and nature to your special wedding moment. If you are going to plan an outdoor wedding, there are many things that you must consider if you want to have a very special outdoor wedding. Here are some tips for a successful outdoor wedding!

First, you should consider the season. Spring, summer and autumn are all very suit for an outdoor wedding. You wedding theme should be associated with the season. You must firstly choose your wedding season and then think for your wedding theme.

Second, choose your wedding time wisely. If possible, try to avoid the rainy season. But you have to realize that nature can always change her mind, so you’d better prepare some rain gear in case of the rain.

Third, determine your wedding style. Do you want a luxury wedding, or do you prefer a casual and relaxed wedding? Once you have decided your preferred form, then you can decide the style of service. If your wedding would be quite luxury and grand, you must arrange professional staff to take care of you and your guests. However, if you enjoy a casual wedding and do not want to waste money, you can adapt buffet-style wedding feast.

Fourth, plan your wedding ahead. You can prepare some tents in case of the rain and strong sunlight. If you want to be more romantic, you can add a lovely fountain or gather many beautiful flowers. You must enhance the natural beauty.

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Gorgeous Peek-a-Boo hairstyle in 1940s

The forties of last century is full of amazing beauty and fashion, which still exudes unrivaled American charm in today’s fashion circles. If you are a fashion lady, how can you miss such classic beauty and fashion? For those who are going to step into the wedding hall, there is no exception. Hurry to hang down your hair and be a sexy and fashion bride.

If you fall in love with the hairstyle of the forties, how can you do not know that the American actress Veronica Lake? Veronica formerly known as Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, she was the first one, and perhaps the only one who was famous for her hairstyles. The lovely Peek-a-Boo hairstyle made Veronica the muse of many fashion people.

In 1940, producer Arthur Hornblow Jr was very impressed by Veronica, he decided to let her to act as a beautiful blonde in the film “Wanted Wings “. He gave her the stage name Veronica Lake. Hornblow thought that Veronica gave people very classic feelings.


July 1941, “Wanted Wings” was launched, the lovely Peek-a-Boo of Veronica in the film attracted a huge audience, although she was only a supporting role in the movie, she stole the show. ” Wanted Wings ” has also become a popular film of her works.

Peek-a-Boo hairstyle became the most popular hairstyle that many American women like to imitate during World War II, however many women’s hairs were twisted into the machine at the factory because of peek-a-Boo hairstyle. At last, first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt even wrote letter to Veronica to ask her to change the hairstyle to avoid the accidents.


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Secrets that the groom do not tell the bride

Preparing for a wedding is very exhausting, but also very exciting thing. It seems that women usually pay more attention to the wedding preparation and the men usually do not care much about the wedding details. Is that true? Here are some voices of the prospective grooms

1.”Do not wear heavy make – up on the wedding day!”

The bride would pay much attention to wedding preparation, select the hairstyle, makeup and wedding dress. I think that the groom would understand the bride and be willing to cooperate, but they actually prefer their brides still look like themselves on the wedding. After all, the women they love did not wear heavy make-up and luxury dresses at the time when they fell in love. If you wear a heavy make-up that even your mother can’t recognize you, you groom will feel like that he married to another woman. Some brides may also feel uncomfortable and not themselves if they changed their look too drastically. So for the wedding, the simple wedding dresses are the good choice. Simple wedding dresses are well collected at

2. “Leave trivia to the wedding planner!”

“When talking with the florist, I did not hear anything.” This is a prospective husband’s voice. Why is this? Because men do not care the color of the flowers and the size of the wedding table, leave these chores to a wedding planner! Men are willing to let women prepare for the details of the wedding day.


3. “Do want to attend the bridal party!”

Preparatory late to the wedding, the groom often regret to take too much tome meeting with the planners and looking around for wedding place. In the eyes of men, they are able to spend less time and money to run a wedding. I believe that those who are willing to accompany with to you choose your wedding dress from one shop to another are man that really love you!

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Famous stars who love beach wedding

Of all the wedding places, the romantic beach is always one of the most popular wedding places for those who enjoy a casual and relaxed wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding is very classic, but it’s too complex and exhausting. The romantic beach wedding is becoming more and more popular in this fast-paced society, people want to relax and enjoy themselves on the wedding. Even many famous stars chose t0o have a beach wedding. Let’s have a look at these romantic moments!

Hollywood famous female star Megan Denise Fox married to her husband in Hawaii. Their beach wedding is very low-key and secret. They did not invite any guest and friend except for a priest and Brian Austin Green’s 8-year-old son. On that day, Megan Denise Fox wore a lovely Megan Denise Fox wedding dress and her husband wore Armani suits.


R & B singer Alicia Keys married to the famous hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz in Corsica, France. On the wedding day, the bride Alicia wore a lovely Vera Wang wedding dress and the groom wore a white suit and pink shirt. Pregnant Alicia looks extraordinarily charming.


The Oscar winner Nicole Kidman married to the Australian country music singer Keith Urban on the Australian beach. They held a very traditional Australian wedding. Nicole looks very elegant in the ivory white wedding dress.


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Halter wedding dress recommendation

Undoubtedly, the bride is the first heroine on the wedding. The bride would also be the happiest the most beautiful woman on the big day. So, if you want to become the focus of the wedding day, you need to carefully plan and prepare for your perfect dress!

There are many wedding dress styles. If you want to be a sexy bride on the wedding, the halter wedding dress is your first choice! We all know that the shoulder and back are two of the sexiest places for a woman. We may not have many chances to our sexy back and beautiful shoulders, you absolutely have the right to show your best side on your special day.

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Do you dream to become the lovely little mermaid in fairy tale? For those who love fantasy, the mermaid court train wedding dress will sure to satisfy you! The dress is embellished with gorgeous appliques from the chest to the waist. Colored wedding dress is quite popular in recent years. This pink mermaid wedding dress is quite eye-catching among the pure white wedding dresses.

Every girl has a princess dream, the ball gown wedding dress will make your princess dream come true! The ball gown floor length wedding dress is quite simple and elegant. If you just want to keep things simple, this wedding dress is good for you. Since the wedding dress is floor length, you will be quite convenient to walk around on the wedding.

If you want to be sexier, the deep V neck dress is your first choice. This wedding dress has very strict demand for the figure. If you have very magnificent breast, you can try this sexy wedding dress, I’m sure that you are going to catch all of the eyes on the wedding!

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