Gorgeous Peek-a-Boo hairstyle in 1940s

The forties of last century is full of amazing beauty and fashion, which still exudes unrivaled American charm in today’s fashion circles. If you are a fashion lady, how can you miss such classic beauty and fashion? For those who are going to step into the wedding hall, there is no exception. Hurry to hang down your hair and be a sexy and fashion bride.

If you fall in love with the hairstyle of the forties, how can you do not know that the American actress Veronica Lake? Veronica formerly known as Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, she was the first one, and perhaps the only one who was famous for her hairstyles. The lovely Peek-a-Boo hairstyle made Veronica the muse of many fashion people.

In 1940, producer Arthur Hornblow Jr was very impressed by Veronica, he decided to let her to act as a beautiful blonde in the film “Wanted Wings “. He gave her the stage name Veronica Lake. Hornblow thought that Veronica gave people very classic feelings.


July 1941, “Wanted Wings” was launched, the lovely Peek-a-Boo of Veronica in the film attracted a huge audience, although she was only a supporting role in the movie, she stole the show. ” Wanted Wings ” has also become a popular film of her works.

Peek-a-Boo hairstyle became the most popular hairstyle that many American women like to imitate during World War II, however many women’s hairs were twisted into the machine at the factory because of peek-a-Boo hairstyle. At last, first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt even wrote letter to Veronica to ask her to change the hairstyle to avoid the accidents.


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