Secrets that the groom do not tell the bride

Preparing for a wedding is very exhausting, but also very exciting thing. It seems that women usually pay more attention to the wedding preparation and the men usually do not care much about the wedding details. Is that true? Here are some voices of the prospective grooms

1.”Do not wear heavy make – up on the wedding day!”

The bride would pay much attention to wedding preparation, select the hairstyle, makeup and wedding dress. I think that the groom would understand the bride and be willing to cooperate, but they actually prefer their brides still look like themselves on the wedding. After all, the women they love did not wear heavy make-up and luxury dresses at the time when they fell in love. If you wear a heavy make-up that even your mother can’t recognize you, you groom will feel like that he married to another woman. Some brides may also feel uncomfortable and not themselves if they changed their look too drastically. So for the wedding, the simple wedding dresses are the good choice. Simple wedding dresses are well collected at

2. “Leave trivia to the wedding planner!”

“When talking with the florist, I did not hear anything.” This is a prospective husband’s voice. Why is this? Because men do not care the color of the flowers and the size of the wedding table, leave these chores to a wedding planner! Men are willing to let women prepare for the details of the wedding day.


3. “Do want to attend the bridal party!”

Preparatory late to the wedding, the groom often regret to take too much tome meeting with the planners and looking around for wedding place. In the eyes of men, they are able to spend less time and money to run a wedding. I believe that those who are willing to accompany with to you choose your wedding dress from one shop to another are man that really love you!

For those who are preparing for your wedding, is a good place to buy wedding clothing, jewelry and gifts.


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