Tips On Planning A Romantic Hawaii Wedding

Clean and blue sea, bright sunshine, white beaches and gorgeous flowers, Hawaii seems to meet all your romantic dreams. Hawaii has become a paradise for countless couples to promise wedding vows. If you are planning a wedding, you can choose Hawaii for your wedding place, the exotic Hawaii wedding will be your lifetime memories.

Traditional Wedding: Seawater sends blessings

Hawaii wedding industry is very mature. As long as you have requested, the local tourism companies will arrange you a wedding ceremony according to native Hawaiian traditional wedding ceremony. The chiefs elders will dress in Hawaiian clothes and preside over the wedding, left hand holding a wooden bowl, right hand holding a banana leaf, slowly come with music played by ukulele , the beautiful hula dancers will welcome the guests with graceful dance. Hawaiians believe that the sea gods blessed the couple, the sea creatures are friends of human beings, such as sharks, dolphins and so on, your respect for these ocean creatures will bring you lifelong protection. So, when the ceremony began, the elders will enter the sea firstly, facing the sky and the sea and pray with the ancient language, pray for the couple, and then he will pour water from a wooden bowl and spray on the new couples with the new banana leaf, bringing the sea bounties and lucky to newcomers. The couple then stand face to face, forehead, nose touching, exchanging each other’s breath, feel the blessing from the sea. At such important time, a chic each wedding dress will help to make the most eye-catching bride. Check newly launched 2014 beach wedding dresses at Vogue Queen.

Best Wedding Accessories: hibiscus

Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. It is very bright color. Hawaiian put them into wreathes, give them to guests and friends. At the time of marriage, the couples will have to put hibiscus garlands, which represent luck and fidelity. The bride’s garland is sent by the bride’s father, the groom’s garland will be worn by the bride. Bright garland comes with natural fragrance, really stunning

Because the wedding will be held outdoors, seafood buffet and BBQ is very popular. There are a variety of fresh fishes in Hawaii, fresh fishes are the best choices for BBQ and sashimi. Hawaiian arts and crafts are very unique. Hawaiian four-string guitar, aromatic oil soap and candles, handmade glass and superb paintings and carvings are amazing. In addition, the luxury tax for local shops is very low. What’s more, the local shops often have special discounts, cheaper than many other countries.

Getting married in Hawaii is very easy, you only need to bring two passports, go to the Hawaii Department of Health to apply for a marriage license, and completed within 30 days of your wedding, the couple is legal.


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