Simple And Casual American Style Wedding Party

If you prefer a simple and casual wedding, then American style wedding party is your choice. There is no luxury wedding pomp, no noisy sound from the crowd, no monotonous traditional rules and process, you will be free to range your wedding with the simplest way. Fresh seashore, natural woods, colorful lawn, or romantic cafe, which place is your beloved one?

Romantic beach wedding

There is no hustle and bustle of the city, no those feasting, no hot weather, the beach is the longing wedding place for every romantic couple. At the beach, you can watch the sun shining on the sea, walk on the warm sand with barefoot, enjoy the sea breeze blowing your sweep, you will receive the blessing from friends and expectations from family, you will be accompanied with your lover, enjoy the food together, play together, chat and blessing, isn’t it the most romantic wedding party?

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Natural woods banquet

Under the shade of the woods, you can enjoy the breath of nature, breath the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful flowers, listen to friction sounds of leaves, the sounds that come from the nature will become the most beautiful accompaniment for the wedding banquet. Maybe in this fortunate moment, there will be small forest animals watching your wedding curiously and blessing for the couple. You can prepare wooden benches and a white canopy, lights lit at night, so that the people on the wedding would feel the quiet and comfortable atmosphere on wedding.

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Colorful lawn-party wedding

If you like the rustic charm, clean, simple and natural lawn-party is your choice. Whether the invitations, tableware, or table, the cake, the colors will make green lawn particularly rosy and vivid. You can place colored balloons, white table cloths, colorful chairs on the lawn , these are the most dazzling embellishments on the green lawn. Green lawn, white clouds, sunshine and laughter, these will all became the witnesses of the couple’s happy moments.

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For such kinds of wedding parties, simple wedding dresses are your best choices.  Check chic simple wedding dresses at rainingblossoms and Vogue Queen!


One thought on “Simple And Casual American Style Wedding Party

  1. Such a nice post! I’m already married!! And this would have been a perfect inspiration for it!
    Best wishes to you and your family! What’s your Facebook page so we follow each other?
    Love, Lima xoxo

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