Creative wedding ceremonies all over the world

Do not have any good ideas for your wedding theme? Don’t worry, I have collected 3 quite interesting wedding ceremonies all over the world for you. I hope that you can find some inspirations from these creative wedding ceremonies!

Running wedding

May 2012, two British off-road enthusiasts integrated their hobby into their wedding. Under the careful planning, this distinctive wedding started in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 31-year-old bride started 20 minutes earlier, the groom and the other 107 guests followed to chase for bride. Everyone ran five miles and climbed 1,200 feet! They have to drink at the bar near the finish line before they finish the journey. In the end, only one person caught with the bride, and everyone in the wedding witnessed this tiring but very interesting wedding.


Bikini wedding in snow field

January 22, 2011, in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in Russian, the local winter swimming club member Sergei Ivanov kissed his bride Irina Cruz Myanmar Branch in the minus 30 degrees snow field! Day, Sergei Ivanov and Irina Kaw Cruz held a winter swimming wedding in the Yenisei River regardless of the cold of minus 30 degrees temperature. The bride Irina had not received any winter swimming training, but she made her decision soon after a sauna!


Arctic wedding

Do you want to have a wonderful white wedding? A new couple tried this special wedding! May 2012, 49-year-old explorer Borge Ousland came to the North Pole to bring wife Hege to held a unique wedding regardless of the cold weather. Only 15 people witnessed the presence of sweet and happy moments, including priests, groomsmen, bridesmaid and the helicopter crew. They bless them become the world’s first couple to have a wedding in the Arctic.


If you are a person with a spirit of adventure, you can try these kinds of wedding ceremonies. If you are looking for wedding dress ideas check voguequeen and davidsbridal, you are sure ti find some fantastic wedding dresses!


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