Romantic purple wedding theme

Flora’s Dictionary of Lavender is “waiting for love,” dream to have a wedding in the lavender fields? It’s really romantic! You may say that you could not find a perfect lavender field in your city, in fact, you can still use sweet purple hues to create your dream wedding in the city. Today I will offer your some wonderful ideas on preparing for a romantic lavender wedding!

First: Wedding place

The transparent glass wedding venue would be fantastic! The Panoramic glass dome will give you and your guest wonderful feelings both in the day and the night. You can place some lavender colored flowers all round the glass room. The color of lavender combined the romantic feeling that purple brings to us and the warm feeling that pink brings to us.

Second: Wineglass

Your wineglasses can be beautiful decorations on the wedding tables if you add some lovely water Lilies to the wineglasses. You can place the decorated wineglasses on the registration desk or dining tables. These lovely wineglasses are sure to add some romantic feelings to your wedding!

Third: Details

Grasp of detail can enhance the quality of the entire wedding, you can place a purple sequined tulle as tablecloths to cover on the dining table, this will create the sense of fantasy. Lavender hue tablecloths echo the purple theme. What’s more, you can put some flowers with Lavender color like gentians, bellflowers, and larkspurs in champagne glasses, which will easily convey the rich romantic mood. Such kind of floral flower can either be used as the main table adornment, or be used to decorate the reception table, no matter where you put them, they can become most beautiful sceneries on the wedding.

Fourth: Bouquet

Small round bouquet gives us sweet feeling, the lovely semicircle shape brings out the bride’s shy and sweet beauty. You might add some stunning purple lace to create more unique visual effects. What’s more, you can also put small amount of lavender color bellflowers in the bouquet to make the bride more elegant!

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