How do you like traditional Morocco wedding

Morocco in North Africa has become world-famous wedding destination because of the song “Casablanca”. The touching love story of current king and queen impressed so many people. In this post, I will bring you into the mysterious grand wedding of the kingdom, you can have a taste of the exotic. This post may also bring creative inspiration for your wedding at the same time!

Moroccan wedding is famous for the grand and luxury scene of the wedding. A local proverb says that: “A memorable wedding worth a hard year of preparation,” which indicates that how the locals value the weddings and family. The current King of Morocco rejected the love of other women because of the Princess, becoming the king only got married to a wife in the country’s history, and he decreed that men of this country can only have a wife in this country. Romantic love story spread throughout the world, this fully embodies the characteristics of the local men’s special situation. In Morocco, the process of the wedding is quite complex and orderly, The bride’s dresses were responsible for one person, every aspect of wedding shows the devotion of their families to the new couples.

Moroccan wedding takes about three days, thousands of participants will attend the wedding.

First day: bathing. Typically, the couple will book a beach, their home’s female elders will participate in this ritual bath, a designated person will wash away the dust by hand for the bride, and the bride will have a body massage with local secret flowers oils. After the bath, the bride’s body is full of girl’s sweet and stunning flavour, of course, the main purpose is to let the bride and groom more romantic on their wedding night.

The next day: body painting. The bride’s hands will be painted with auspicious patterns. The paint is collected from the flowers, when applied to the body, you will feel a little itch, but the taste is quite fresh.

Third day: the ceremony. On this day, the day the bride marries groom. Formal ceremony is held in the evening. Guests are dressed in formal traditional clothing, after very lively dinner and dancing. Groom promises to the bride to take care of her for a lifetime at the wedding night.

How do you like this wedding tradition? It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Want to experience this kind of wedding? I know that many new couples love simple and casual weddings in nowadays. However the wedding day is so important day for every new couple, you may try the grand wedding styles like Morocco wedding, I’m sure that this wedding will impress you much!! Discover luxury wedding dresses at and


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