The inheritance of wedding dresses

Wedding dress is the most important garment in the woman’s life, it witnesses the sacred moment when a girl changes into woman. With the development of the times, we have got much more choices for the wedding dresses, we have so many style and fabrics to choose and sometimes we ignore the emotional load and mission that the wedding dress bears.

To make the wedding dress unique, some people advise that if you want to get married, ask your mother to find her wedding dress, you can wear it went into another chapter of your life; If you are married , starting today, to find ways to keep your wedding dress, and pass it to your daughter or daughter-in-law. A wedding dress with life will have a deeper meaning.

NE • TIGHER brand founder Zhang Zhifeng made ​​clothes for decades, now his daughter is going to get married, he designed and made five wedding dresses all by himself for her daughter. He devoted her deep love and bless for her daughter into the wedding dresses. For her daughter’s wedding, Zhang Zhifeng not only wants it unique, but also hopes that it inherits the marriage cultural heritage of China. So he ran out of mind in the wedding dress design. “China has a wedding dress since ancient time, there are many records about the wedding dresses in the ancient. In the different kinds of occasions, brides should wear different dresses.” Considering the present Western-style weddings are very popular, Zhang Zhifeng carefully studied how to combine Chinese and Western wedding dresses together, making the five dresses have their own characteristics.

He said that no matter the western world or the eastern world, we all have wedding dresses. In wedding tradition, first we must have love, wedding dress heritage, is the love of heritage. Secondly, each person must really have a wedding dress, this dress is yours, is to treasure, it is important to wear in important festivals. The third is to be handed down, including the love of tradition, on behalf of the whole family continuity. Now more and more people will buy a wedding dress, custom wedding dress. This shows that we are aware of the wedding tradition.

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