The most popular wedding fashion trends in 2013

The year of 2013 is going to come to an end. So many new wedding fashions appeared in this year. Let’s have a look at the most popular wedding fashion trends in the past months. Which kind of wedding fashion trend will still be popular in the next year?

Black wedding dress

The Vera Wang 2014 spring/summer wedding dress series has launched some bold and avant-garde black and white wedding dresses. Remember the black punk style wedding dress that the rock queen Avril Lavigne wore on her wedding day? Black wedding dresses are not suit for every woman, but those who love unconventional things would fall in love with the unique black wedding dresses! Should wedding dress be white only? I think that colored wedding dresses are getting more and more popular. In the year of 2014, colored wedding dresses will still be quite popular! You may find lots of colored wedding dresses at

Eye-catching wedding shoes

Leopard print, sequins, fluorescent colors, feathers… so many fashion elements are added into the wedding shoes. Since you have so many fashion and lovely wedding shoes to choose, you do have to stick to the basic styles like white and cream shoes. Add some individuality and creativity to your wedding shoes! Check myglassslipper to find lots of lovely wedding shoes!

Mint green wedding accessories

Though the color that PANTONE released for 2013 is Emerald, many brides prefer the more fresh and lovely green: mint green. From the bridesmaid dress to wedding decoration and wedding cake, we can see mint green everywhere. I believe that the popularity of mint green will continue to the next year!


Wooden furniture

Rustic country style has always been a favorite wedding style for many people, many new couples choose long table and dining chairs with farm-style as wedding decorations. If you are going to have a casual wedding, the lovely wooden furniture would be perfect!


What is your opinion about the 2013 wedding fashion trend?



2 thoughts on “The most popular wedding fashion trends in 2013

  1. Beautiful photos! great wedding trend the mint color:)

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