A romantic lace wedding dress worn by three generations

In Berlin, Germany, a normal family preserved a wedding dress since 1938, the wedding dress is 75 years old! Three generations have worn this wedding dress on the wedding day, therefore, the wedding dress was treasured as the witness of love for “3 generations. This dress is made by the top designer of Brussels, Carola wore this wedding dress on her wedding in 1938. From then on, the dress seems to be getting “never out of date”. Through the dress, including Carola herself, her three daughters, her niece and her daughter-in-law, and there are many granddaughter and grandson daughter-in-law have wore this wedding dress for their big day..


In order to let more people know the story of this wedding dress, COSMOBride interviewed the present owner of this wedding dress –Mr. & Mrs. Comet. The husband Dieter Comet is 72 years old, a teacher of a high school teaching geography and arts, his wife is a 70 years old. They were quite young when fell in love, the husband was 17 years old and the wife was 15 years old. In 1965, they held the wedding in a small town of Stadt Mainz city which locates on Rhine river bank. This is the fourth wedding that this legend wedding dress witnessed. According to them, because that the brides who wore this dress are all petite girls, the wedding dress size has never been changed.


This wedding dress has been born for 75 year, but the wedding dress still looks quite new and delicate. The lace on the wedding dress is still quite pliable and tough, the dress looks so elegant, pure and simple. The fabric of this wedding dress is Brussels lace. The reason why this wedding dress can be kept in very good condition is that the fabric of this wedding dress is quite good.


Why not purchase a very good wedding dress on your big day? You can pass your wedding dress to your daughter and granddaughter, it’s very romantic and meaningful, isn’t it? The Vera Wang wedding dresses are such wedding dress that you can pass for several generations. Well, if you think that Vera Wang wedding dresses are out of your budget, you can consider voguequeen dresses. The 2014 VogueQueen lace bridal gowns are quite cheap and delicate, you can trust voguequeen.


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