How to choose a lovely wedding ring according to your hand shape

Diamond ring is often chosen as the engagement or wedding ring, the ring will be accompanied with the host for the whole life, so you’d better don’t choose too naive style or style that is easy to be outdated, you should choose concise and noble styles. When buying a diamond ring, choose single diamond ring, its design is concise and easy, and it can match any hand shapes. About the shapes of the diamond, in addition to the circular shape, there are a lot of special-shaped diamonds, such as heart, pear-shaped, water droplets shape, square, etc. Of all the shapes, round diamonds look bigger than other shape diamond on the vision, so nowadays, the popular style for diamond ring comes with single round diamond. There are many hand shapes, you should choose the ring according to the hand shape.

If your hand shape is very standard, you can try any style of ring, however concise design will make your hand appear more elegant. The classic and traditional four claws or six claws designs will make the bride to look more elegant and noble. There are the most popular designs.


If your fingers are slim and long, you should avoid the thin rings. You can try rings with bold sculpture design, this will not only make your hand look more plump, but can also add some noble temperament to the bride. Plum flower shape design is a representative of the sculpture designs.


If you fingers are short and thick, you need three-dimensional design to increase overall balance of your fingers. Rose petals series rings, with hollow three-dimensional design, will make the brides who wear them like blooming roses.


If you hand is thick and long, you are suit for round and wide ring. The big rings can cover your brawny fingers on the vision and make your fingers appear slimmer. Package design style is undoubtedly the best choice. This kind of ring styles increased the diamond wide on the vision, appear luxurious and noble.


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