Vintage fashion has come back, will you embrace it

Vintage fashion has come back and become more and more popular, vintage clothes mainly refer to the fine made clothes which are full of the era characteristics in the past time. Vintage clothes are not just common second-hand clothes or old clothes. There are vintage clothes which have collection value. Usually the value of vintage clothing is judged by five aspects: the time when it was made, if it is the classic design at that time, whether it is made by famous brand, well-preserved degree and process complexity.

Vintage clothes make us think of the glorious past time. Many famous designers hailed to the old classic styles on the T-stage. Many famous stars are deeply in love with vintage clothes. In addition to its unique sense of history, vintage clothes decrease the possibility of outfit clash. What’s more, the vintage clothes can show their good fashion taste.


Vintage clothes are quite difficult to match. If you do not match well, it will overreach yourself. Many fashion icons who are skilled at matching with vintage clothes tell us their experience: not only when we wear vintage clothes on whole body can we be called vintage. Do you know where to buy vintage clothes. There are many places. You can search vintage clothes on flea market or online shops. It’s quite important to build good relationships with the owner and the shop assistant, usually, they are very happy to share with you their opinions on this field as well as what they have learned from vintage fashion.


If you just want to modeling vintage style, keep these vintage elements in mind:  Peter pan collar, wave point printing, empire pencil skirt, umbrella skirt, Oxford shoes, Mary Jane shoes, box package… You can find such elements very easily on the market now.  Since vintage fashion is so popular, why not have a vintage theme wedding for special day! You can find many vintage inspired wedding dresses at Vogequeen.

What is your vintage style? Recommend you an online shop that sales vintage clothes, check


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