Dream Castles For A Fairytale Wedding

When your wedding is moved into a traditional ancient and beautiful castle, there is no doubt that you will have a lifelong memorable fairytale wedding. Fantastic sea view, dream garden, fragrant air, mysterious and elegant rooms, dreamlike decorations, everything is just waiting for the arrival of you and your lover!

The British AMBERLEY CASTLE hotel

West Sussex is a well-preserved ancient town, known as the “garden of England”, the medieval castle can be equipped with large portcullis, 18 meters high walls and legendary battlements tower, ancient city wall survive the war and the years. Today, the war has gone, the town is replaced by the permanent peace and quiet, the ancient and beautiful tradition was passed down from generation to generation. Here, you can sleep with your lover in big bed with four pillars, outside the wooden window is the garden and a lush forest. The gourmet food in the hotel will make you feel imperial honor, the inside of the vault restaurant is decorated with woven carpet and a full set of armor. Before midnight, great portcullis slowly down, quietly guarding you sweet dreams with your lover, elegant evening let you place yourself in the fairy tales, and wandering in the context of this unique romantic time trip!


CHÂTEAU MONFORT castle hotel in Italy

A representative of the early 20th century brilliant new style building stands in the center of the fashion capital Milan, this is CHÂTEAU MONFORT castle hotel. The birth of the “city” castle benefits from the image in the world of fairy tale and opera, tonal downy exterior wall decorated with flowers and butterflies ornaments, the floors are all covered by Mosaic bricks, mirror and post are produced with the image of the king and the prince. Unique style of dreamland of decoration is impressively. It combined the dream and the reality together, making the hotel full of a sense of vintage and fashion. The lovely Rubacuori restaurant is amazing, it has soft Risveglio lounge, lovers can enjoy breakfast or nap on it, what a romantic and elegant dining. At midnight, you can come to Mezzanotte bar, which is decorated with elegant furnishings and glass dome, pleasant fragrance in the air. After nightfall, the beautiful round bed is sure to offer you a romantic night!


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