Tips for choosing perfect bridesmaid dress color

Bridesmaid is second only to the bride on the wedding, usually the bride will be set the mass-tone color for the bridesmaid dresses, how to become the most beautiful “beauty corps” at the wedding, how to pose to make you face look smaller and legs longer? Today, I will offer you three collocations!

Dynamic lemon yellow

The lemon yellow is very bright under the sun, no one would ignore your presence is you wear in such eye-catching color. Contrast color combination like fruit color and ice cream color will make you look younger. If you do want the group photo to be very monotonous, you can ask the sisters to wear dresses for different lengths. About your shoes, bags and bracelet, candy colors like pink blue, peach red and fruit green will make you look sweet and lovely.

Lucky blue

If it’s a summer wedding, the sky blue would be the beast choice! In the old western tradition, blue will bring lucky to the wedding. If you choose a blue bridesmaid dress, you can choose a pair of metal color shoes to match with the dress. Blue will make your think of the sky and the sea in visual communication, you can choose white accessories to match with your dress, pearls are very good choices. If you are a science fiction fan, the theme of the wedding is “Star Wars”, you can use large amount of silver metal accessories. Buy Discount Bridesmaid Dress at

Elegant purple

If you can find a printed dress that close to the theme when most of the bridesmaids choose pure color bridesmaid dresses for the wedding, you will be out-standing. Purple satin is quite charming! Light purple lace can make you look younger, light purple is very suit for light mature woman. Many people worried that purple will make them look older and reject to maxi dress, if so, you can choose a cocktail dress, and use white accessories to highlight your whole look.

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One thought on “Tips for choosing perfect bridesmaid dress color

  1. Love the purple dress! Wonderful post!

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