How to choose a plus size wedding dress

For all prospective brides, choosing wedding dress is an exciting and tiring job. Compared to tall and thin girls, pump girls will face greater pressure. In fact, the body shape of everyone has its own advantage, you don’t have to so be frustrated because of your figure. The following is five useful tips for pump ladies.

First, make a reasonable budget

Because plus size wedding dress requires more fabrics and materials like beads and lace, the price for plus size wedding dress is often more expensive than ordinary wedding dress. Before you choose and buy wedding gown, you should firstly set your own price, don’t blindly try on wedding dress beyond the budget, in order to avoid the situation that you love the dress but it’s out of the range of your budget. Try too extravagant wedding dress will make you taste higher, the wedding dresses with lower prices may not impress you.

Second, you should choose wedding dress for a bigger size than the daily clothing

The size for wedding dress is usually smaller than daily clothing, for example, your normal fashion need to dress size 14, for your wedding dress, you should choose size 16 or more. Most designers can make bigger sizes wedding dress, but wedding dress store may only display 8-12 size of the masses. Before you go to the wedding dress shop to choose and buy, you should contact and confirm that they can provide your size at the first.

Third, choose the right fabric

Thick and hard fabrics like taffeta are very suit for pump ladies, wedding dress made of these kind of fabrics can show your sexy outline perfectly. While smooth and soft fabrics will wrap your body and make you look fatter. Strapless design will make your shoulder look stronger, close fit and short sleeve designs are very suit for ladies with pump upper body. Remember that too many beadings and appliques will make the sight of people stay in your upper body. Simple wedding dresses for much better if you want to make you appear thin. Buy wedding gowns with simple design at VogueQueen.

How do you like my ideas? May all of you be the most beautiful person on your wedding! Find lovely wedding dresses at


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