Honeymoon places for winter

Honeymoon is a very important memory for every couple. In these days which belong to the newly married couple, why not try to visit the Sweden’s ice hotel together, swim in the Swiss heated rooftop swimming pool, or go to the Austrian Alps to ski. The freezing winter is approaching, please follow trivago to go to the quiet hot spring resort, overlook the Italian surrounded mountain landscape, or live in a baroque castle hotel, enjoy the picturesque Rhine valley and the unique landscape of cologne cathedral!

Vigilius Mountain Resort mixes located at an altitude of 1500 meters, provides romantic and luxurious serve for the newlyweds, you can overlook the Italian Mountain Dolomites, you can only arrive there by cable car. The hotel was built by the absolute environmental protection materials, provides with local fresh food buffet breakfast, as well as yoga and pilates classes three times a day, you don’t have to pay extra fee. Guest rooms are decorated with warm colors to build a kind of warm atmosphere, through the large windows in room, you can enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery. The resort has a quiet spa, new couples can get relaxed after a day of hiking in the snow mountain.


Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg is a five-star baroque castle hotel in Cologne, German. This hotel provides picturesque Rhine valley and the cologne cathedral’s unique scenery. This magnificent building has 120 rooms and suites, and coped with traditional painting and heraldry , full of the royal atmosphere. Hotel offers a variety of suitable and romantic meal choices for newlyweds, including deluxe suite for one night, champagne breakfast, dinner service in rose , petals bath and suites. 1000 square meters of the spa and beauty center is equipped with indoor swimming pool, you can appreciate the stars and get completely relaxed.


Les Fermes de Marie is located in small village Megève in Alps, France. From the town center, guests can walk for a short period, walk through the snow-covered pines and reach the quiet oasis. The design of the hotel is luxury and hidden, provides five acres of beautiful winter scenery within the scope of privacy. Guest room is equipped with authentic solid wood furniture, bathroom, independent bath and the balcony can breathe fresh mountain air. If you love sports, you can enjoy the fun of Golf, skiing, snow polo, after the sporting, you can warm yourself around the cozy fireplace, or relax in the idyllic spa.


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