Hottest places to have your honeymoon!

Hot summer has passed, the autumn has come. In addition to slightly bitter air, you should not be lazy, because autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in a year. The famous Travel magazine “lonely planet” has counted some of the world’s most beautiful places to enjoy the beautiful autumnal scenery. While the sense of autumn is strong, hurry to go to these places to enjoy your honeymoon.

The autumn of Japan is as beautiful as the cherry blossom festival in spring. From the Hokkaido in the north to the south part of the country, you can see red leaves everywhere in the country. The ancient capital Nara, which is very close to Kyoto, is the best place to enjoy the autumn scenery. The red leaves look like surge in the huge park, both sides of the road which lead to the mountain shrine are covered by golden leaves.


This fall, if you board on the canyon tourist train, you will appreciate the world the most beautiful maple leaf. Train starts from the United States and Canada border city of Sault Sainte Marie, 114 miles (183 km).Train journeys north, cross the beautiful country of Canada that is without excessive development. The beautiful scenery gives a famous Canada painter Tom Thomson and and other Canada painters unlimited inspiration in the early 20th century. The best time to view the maple is the time between late September and early October. If you visit in this month, it will be a little cold now, you will need a coat to keep you warm, check


This ancient forest locates in the Gloucestershire, it was real trophy hunting place in the past. The trees in the forest were used to made warships, it’s a perfect place to enjoy the autumn scenery, chestnut beech, oak, and European chesnut mixed together, making this forest a yellow ocean. Dean forest is suitable for walking or cycling to explore. Pay attention to the forest of wild boar.


Which place is your favorite? If you want to hold your wedding, these places are also very good place to hold a sweet autumn wedding, certainly, you will need a lovely autumn wedding dress at first! Check at, you will find large amount of chic and modern wedding dresses!


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