How to choose wedding dress according to your body type

Choosing a wedding dress is really a headache for many ladies. I will give you some advice on choosing wedding dress for your big day!

If you are a petite lady, empire wedding dresses or wedding dresses that have ornaments on the waist are suit for you. You must avoid ball gown wedding dresses, these wedding gowns will strengthen your disadvantages of your figure. About the sleeves, too exaggerated sleeves, such as bubble sleeves or ruffles, are not good.The upper part of the wedding dress can be luxury and changeable, the sweep and the veil mustn’t be too long.

If you are slim and thin, congratulations! You can wear nearly all kinds of wedding dresses, I strongly recommend you to choose a mermaid wedding dress, it’s extremely sexy and noble. If you are too thin, you can choose wedding dresses that emphasize the designs of the shoulder, shoulder pads and inflated bubble sleeve lotus leaf design will make you look dynamic.

If you are a pump girl, high neck wedding dresses are not suit for you. V-neck wedding dresses are your first choices. The establishment on the waist and sweep should be as simple as possible. Simple wedding dresses are very suit for pump brides. Find lovely simple wedding dresses at

You must also consider the situation and time apart from your body types when you choose your wedding dress. If it’s celebration or ceremony, the wedding dress should be luxury, while on witnessing of the wedding, you are back to your friends and relatives, the back details of the wedding dress should be delicate. If you adapt civil marriage, your wedding dress must be concise and elegant!

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