Five most expensive wedding dresses all over the world

To have a “perfect wedding dress of the century” should be the dream of every woman, and the following five women are the women who owned wedding dress like this. They are the icons of each era, they wore wedding dress that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are unsurpassable women.

NO. 5, Grace Kelly’s dress, $65.000

The American film actress at first, later the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s dress designer is Helen Rose, a women’s seamstress in the MGM. This wedding dress revealed the special style of that century, the dress is a whole dress, long sleeve and high collar are highlights of the unique wedding dress .Using the 100 yards of silk net and 25 yards of pure silk taffeta, the dress is called a real princess dress.

NO. 4 Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress, $100.000

Victoria Beckham’s strapless dress was designed by the hot dress designer Vera Wang, the dress up to 20 feet, also became the most expensive dress of that time. The outline and establishment of this wedding dress is quite simple, but so elegant!!! You can fins similar wedding dresses at

NO. 3 Princess Diana’s wedding dress, $150.000

This lace wedding dresses with embroidery and pearls was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, like a train, 24 feet.

NO. 2, Melania Knauss’s dress, $200.000

Slovenia model Melania Knauss married property tycoon Donald Trump in 2005. So when you marry a rich man, your wedding dress will also be a very expensive model. Melania Knauss’s wedding dress is made up of 1500 rhinestones and 300 feet gauze.

NO. 1 Princess Kate’s wedding dress, $400.000

The inspiration of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress came from Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. From the point of the silk and lace, the dress must follow the royal style. This is art, known as the wedding of the century, the creative director of this dress is Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. This dress is unique in detail, bud silk rose is a symbol of England and thistles is Scotland, clover for Ireland, and daffodils for Wales.

Which wedding dress is the most beautiful dress in your opinion? Are you looking are wedding dress? You can find many at


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