The wedding dress road of knitwear queen

Designer Emily has crazy love on knitted garments,she bought a knitwear factory with the support of her husband in 1980, not very long, she used her unique view of fashion and the degree of grip on the acumen of popular fashion, she got quite famous in New York, her studio became the sample sources of famous brands like K.Kipps,  Horald Levine, Mike Corwin. Later, her own knitting clothing brand Jennifer Roberts, became the mainstream of American fashion market. She is quite skilled at choosing fabrics, especially in knitting clothing design and manufacturing process of understanding and grasp to new heights. Her design is concise and easy, she is good at making a fusion style design and fabric qualities, properly highlight their own advantages and temperament characteristic shape.

Since 2002, Emily Ma studio began wedding dresses custom services. On the one hand, they explore the excellent young designers to carry out international cooperation, on the other hand, they hire plate-making division, adopt old European dress production techniques, combined with modern technology at the same time, their wedding dresses aim to curve shape perfectly for women.

A perfect wedding dress must emphasize bosom line to raise the overall profile, it was aware of this, the studio she founded developed a unique Magic chest process with the aid of modern science and technology and materials, it can curve the best outline and modify body according to the shape of different female characteristic, let the bride-to-be fully effortlessly, natural hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, achieve the goal of sculpture body.

Compared with the plane cutting, stereo clipping often need to increase the quantity of work piece and sutures in order to better fit the female body curves, especially for some of the more complicated design, program and need not say oneself. But too much of the work piece and sutures, will make the clothes appear like white elephants, what test the clipping skill of a designer is often how make the best cutting effect with simple and least amount of cutting piece and sutures. Find lovely simple wedding dresses at

The fabric is very important for a dress. Emily always adhere to choose high quality fabrics. It is not a must use the most expensive fabrics, but according to each wedding dress design, use of high quality fabrics. Real silk, chiffon or lace, on the one hand, continuously search and purchase in the global; On the other hand, modify the original fabric.

Do you love her wedding dresses?


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