Alternative wedding photography , will you try?

The wedding photos are pure, dreamlike and holy matchless in many people’s mind. However, theirs is a new fashion trend about the wedding photography in America. This wedding photography has totally changed the inherent impression of people for wedding photos. According to the report of “Daily Mail”in England, a bride burned her wedding dress and rushed to the sea when she took her wedding photos.

In the video, we can see the entire course. Natasha Samuel is the protagonist of this video, before shoot, she asked her friends to splash flammable solvents on her wedding dress, and then burn the wedding dress quickly with matchstick and rushed to the sea. Before she run into the sea, she looked back and smile. The photographer happened to capture this beautiful moment.


The wedding photography of Samuel is the master work of “Destroy the wedding dress “photography trend. This photography trend aimed to break the traditional holy image of the bride in white wedding dress. The brides break the wedding dress in all kinds of methods and create a series of shocking photos. Some brides prefer to shoot at the beach, some love the landfills and abandoned buildings, and some enjoy the busy city streets. They walked into the hole with white wedding dress, cross the deserted playground, or loiter in the corn field.  To take this wedding photos, simple and casual wedding dresses are much better. Find cheap beach wedding dresses at


This popular wedding photography was lead by wedding photographer John Mike Cooper, he tried to persuade the new couples to try a different way of shooting since 2001. One thing you must keep mind is that you must keep you safe. Some tragedy happened when taking the wedding photos, there are brides who fall into the water and get near-drowning. If you want to take a special wedding photo, you must make grand preparations before shooting.


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