Tips on choosing wedding dresses for brides with wide shoulders

Do you have a wide shoulder? Do you have problem on choosing wedding dress? For those who have wide shoulders, it’s quite difficult to choose a perfect wedding dress. If you choose a wrong wedding dress, it will be counterproductive. You must notice the sleeve length, color, print and neckline of your wedding dress. Here are some advice for brides who have wide shoulders.

First, if the prints on your wedding dress are very small, then the neckline of your wedding dress must be wide. Wide necklines are suit for people with wide shoulders. V-neck wedding dresses are very good choices for brides with wide shoulders.

Second, U-neck wedding dresses are also very suit for brides with wide shoulders. U-neck wedding dresses will make your neck appear longer, thus your shoulder will look narrow in vision. About the fabrics, silk has very good drapability and texture, you can choose a silk wedding dress.

Third, dark colored wedding dresses are very good for you if you want to appear slim. Dark colors have very good effect of convergence. Black is absolutely not the only choice, but it is one of the best choices. If you think that dark colors will make you look so old, you can add some accessories with bright colors.

Fourth, use special designs and lovely prints to shift the focus. If you do not want people to focus on your wide shoulder, you can choose wedding dresses that have very creative establishment or lovely prints. Thus, people will be attracted by the lovely designs and certainly no one would notice your wide shoulders.

How do you like my ideas? Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. Don’t let your disadvantage of your figure to stop your beauty journey! If you would like to buy wedding dresses, check at VogueQueen!


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