Should wedding dress be worn for only once?

For all the prospective brides, the wedding day is a very important day. In order to show their best side on the wedding, they spend lots time looking for a wedding dress. However, after the wedding, their wedding dresses are locked in their closets forever. We know that a good wedding dress is quite expensive. Isn’t it quite wasteful? Can we just modify our wedding dresses and give second life to our wedding dresses after our wedding? That’s a good idea. In fact, this is not very difficult. You can do some clipping and dye on your wedding dress to make your wedding dress as a daily dress!

I saw an Oscar de la Renta wedding dress is on discount at, she bought it without hesitation, after some clipping and dye, this wedding dress changed in to a cocktail dress. It’s quite practical, isn’t it? Simple wedding dress is very easy to modify since there are not too many establishments on the wedding dresses. If you don’t love luxury style wedding dresses, you can consider simple wedding dresses. Simple wedding dresses are quite elegant and casual. Besides, you can wear your wedding dress again after some small modifications after the wedding. You can find many simple wedding dresses at Do you want to modify your wedding dress as a cocktail dress or evening dress? Take out your wedding dress from your closet now!

However, I believe that most of you would hesitate before you start to modify your wedding dress. There are still many people think that we should not choose wedding dress from a practical perspective. The accessory editor of American version Vogue thought that wedding dress must be kept as memory after the wedding. She kept her Alexander McQueen wedding dress in a glass box after the wedding. She said that the wedding day is a special day, nothing could measure the value of that day, the same as the wedding dress.

What’s your opinion about modifying wedding dress? Do you think wedding dress should only wear for only once and keep forever or modify the wedding dress after the wedding from the practical aspect? In fact, you can buy quite cheap but well qualified online wedding dress online now. Thus you won’t feel regrettable for only wearing the wedding dress for only once. You can find many lovely and chic wedding dresses at VogueQueen.

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