Three new trends in wedding dress fashion

Autumn is going to come to an end, there are not too many in full bloom of flowers in this season. However, it doesn’t matter, the wedding dresses that are mixed with creative design and traditional elements are sure to make you the most beautiful bride in autumn! The newest wedding dress series break the bondage of traditional design boldly!

In 1840, Britain’s queen Victoria married prince Albert, Victoria wore a white lace wedding dress on that wedding. Her wedding dress changed the wedding dress history from then on. Before her wedding dress came out, the women wore the wedding dresses that they thought are beautiful, they did not have unified standard. Today, the wedding dress queen Vera Wang reopened the trend for colorful wedding dresses. She added black ribbon to the wedding dress at first, from then on, colorful wedding dresses are getting more and more popular. In this year’s wedding dress series, wedding dresses that are not white appeared in many wedding dress shows of many famous wedding dress bands.

Vera Wang Dress

Irregular elements like high-low sweep, asymmetrical neckline and lace one-shoulder design make the traditional wedding dresses quite bold and modern. The wedding dresses break the bondage of rules and become sexy and delicate! The high-low wedding dress is very suit for semi-open wedding, the high-low wedding dress has luxury train and can let the brides walk around freely at the same time.


In terms of design, pop style is not a simple and coincident style, it’s the mix of many styles. The pop style wedding dresses emphasis on new originality and totally different feeling to the people. Avant-garde meets with retro and elegance, neutral styles mix with sweet and romantic styles… The mix of all kinds of style is the soul of pop style! Young people who are searching for creative wedding dresses are suit for pop style wedding dresses!



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