New fashion trend of the 2013 wedding dresses

In our impression, the brides should wear pure white princess dress like wedding dresses or floor length wedding dresses which have very long trains to appear as luxury as possible. Though this idea is not out of date yet, the wedding dress world is no longer the world of long and luxury wedding dresses. In nowadays, short wedding dress and simple wedding dresses are more and more popular.

Short wedding dresses, no matter knee length or above the knee, can show the sexy legs of the brides. Short brides or brides who are very lively are very suit for short wedding dress. Short wedding dresses are very convenient for the brides to walk around on the wedding, besides, you can still wear the wedding dress after the wedding, you don’t have to worry that your wedding dress will be worn for only once and locked in the closet forever! It’s quite cost-effective!

Complex and heavy wedding dresses are luxury, but this kind of wedding dress will divert the focus. In fact, simple wedding dresses are very beautiful and they are better at showing the beauty of the brides. Simple wedding dresses will make the brides look more natural and lovely, let the brides walk around freely! Simple wedding dresses are suit a romantic beach wedding and garden wedding. Besides, the simple wedding dresses are much cheaper than the complex wedding dresses. If you are on a tight budget, simple wedding dresses are your best choices! Find simple wedding dresses at

Lace is one of the most popular fashion elements in recent years, lace wedding dresses are everlasting wedding dress style. Lace wedding dresses represent romance and can make the brides look more elegant and gentlewomanly. The beautiful lace establishments are always the most eye-catching part of the wedding dress. No matter the lace establishment is decorated on the collar or the sweep, all can improve the temperament of the brides in seconds! Find beautiful lace wedding dresses at VogueQueen.

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