Wedding dress history and popular wedding dress styles

The history of wedding dress is not very long, less than 200 years. During this time, the styles of the wedding dresses have changed a lot. Do you know how the wedding dresses looks like at the beginning and what is popular in each time? Let’s talk about the wedding dress history together!

The design of original wedding dress is not very complicated. High-waist dresses with vertical lines, plicated sleeves and low neckline, it is the counterpart of the popular clothing style. Silk and satin are the main fabrics for wedding dress. Later wedding dress style is floor-length, The front comes with straight line clipping, the back of the wedding dress comes with sweep train.  When the bride walks on the red carpet at the church, the train of the wedding dress also slowly moves on carpet, making the bride have godlike charm. Later, low neckline is replaced with dignified high collar. To the end of the 19th century, marriage gauze texture is softer, double crepe and taffeta are the most popular with the bride.

Early in the 20th century, wedding dress began to shorten, also with the function of the prom dress. Walk into the 30 s, tight wedding dress become popular, making the bride more charming. In 40 s, simple clipping, heart-shaped collar and long sleeve gloves became a kind of wedding dress fashion. And 60 s, the length of the dress short a lot of, some even with “mini”, there is not much difference between raw material with linen and cotton is the most popular. Wedding in the 70 s, presents a thick nostalgic appeal. In the 90 s, the wedding dress design broke the traditional design, and learned the popular fashion design features. The wedding dress came with two parts.

Too complicated process and decoration tend to gild the lily, attract the attention of the viewer to the details of the wedding dress rather than the beautiful wedding dress hostess. So the European and American advocate concise and easy style wedding dresses. Of course, the appropriate beads embroidery, lace, bowknot and ribbons are necessary for a wedding dress.

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