How to clean and keep your wedding dress after the wedding

Do you know how to keep the wedding dress? If you want to reserve your wedding dress after the wedding as eternal memory, you must know how to lean your wedding dress and keep it new. I will give you some advice on keeping and cleaning your wedding dress after the wedding.

At first, you must find a professional wedding dress conservator. A professional wedding dress conservator will check your wedding dress carefully: what the fabric of your wedding dress is, which kinds f embellishments are on the wedding dress, how many stains are on the wedding dress… Then they will make a clear professional cleaning plan for you. Keep in mind that you must wash the wedding dress as soon as possible after the wedding. If you let is alone, some stains may can’t be removed anymore especially when your wedding dress is made of silk. Some stains may be very difficult to be removed, such as red wine stains and mud.

You must get to know where can you get your wedding dress washed a few weeks before your wedding dress, you may ask your family, friends, wedding dress shop or wedding consulter, they will give your advice. Though many dry cleaners claim that they can wash your wedding dress, they are not professional. Unless a dry cleaner has cleaned more than one hundred pieces of wedding dresses every year, otherwise, look for a professional wedding dress maintenance shop that has a clear business record.

Some wedding dress conservators may use wet cleaning, usually they gently wash the wedding dress with mild detergent, thus can remove most of the obvious stains and invisible stains. Some invisible stains like champagne and glace stains may turn yellow after oxidation, so you must clean these stains soon. Some other conservators use traditional dry cleaning method. They will  pretreat stains and put the wedding dress into dry cleaning machine. The cleaning agents they use are usually perchloroethylene and oil preparations. Oil preparations are much more gentle than perchloroethylene  since has corrodibility, however the cleaning effect of oil preparations is weaker than that of perchloroethylene. Oil preparations can nourish some fabrics and let them present a moving luster because of the high oil content of oil preparations.

You must choose must choose the right wedding dress packaging materials in order to extend the service life of the preservation of the wedding dress. Most of the conservators will not keep your wedding dress in plastic bags since this will form permanent crease and mycete because of the wet. The best packaging materials are white acid free tissue paper or unbleached cotton cloth. The normal thin cotton paper contains acid and will hurt your wedding dress. Don’t use colorful cotton paper since it will soil your wedding dress if the box that keeps the wedding dress get wet.

How do you like my ideas? The wedding dress is the memory of your wedding, keeping your wedding dress in good condition is very meaningful! If you are looking for cheap wedding dresses, you can check at VogueQueen and kleinfeldbridal.


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