Latest wedding fashion trends!

For the prospective brides, wedding dresses are very important. Though you will wear the wedding dress that you buy for only once, many prospective brides still pay much attention to choose a wedding dress. Well-made high-end wedding dress will make you appear elegant and graceful. What are the fashion trends about this year’s wedding dresses? Let’s have a look.

Puff sleeve, puff sleeve design is very vintage and can help hide the unwanted spare tires on the arms. Do you remember the wedding dress that Princess Diana wore on her wedding? The wedding dress with puff sleeve is so cute! If you love vintage style wedding gowns, you may try this kind of bridal gown. You can find mamny vintage inspired wedding gowns at VogueQueen. I’m sure that there must be one that suits you!

There are many fabrics that can made wedding gowns. Satin gives people the feeling of luxury and elegant, besides, satin has very good refractivity and can make your skin appear more radiant. Tulle is often used in the sweep to build fluffy effect. The bridal gowns that combine satin and tulle fabrics are very popular in this year.

Beading is also a very popular element in this year’s wedding gowns. In the past, the beading is usually white or silver, however, black beading is the first choice in this year. Black beading is more vivid and lively than white beading, especially when you are on the wedding, the black beading can reflect different colors under the lamplight. Really luxury, isn’t it? 

I suggest that you should choose the wedding dress that suit with your figure. For example, short girls are not suit for complicated wedding dress, slightly fat girls should avoid mermaid wedding dress and tall girls had better not choose short dresses. When choosing the dress, you must listen to the ideas of the dress designers instead of choosing the dress according to your own interests.

On the wedding day, I suggest that you do not wear complicated jewelries. The jewelries you wear should be simple and light. If the dress and makeup are good enough to decorate you, you don’t have to wear any jewelry. Too many complicated jewelries will ruin your whole look.

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