How to take natural and beautiful wedding photos

Which kinds of wedding photos do you love? Many new couples are not satisfied with their wedding photos since they look so unnatural in the wedding photos, their smiles are so fake, their poses are so stiff…I believe that many of you would have these kind of problems. In fact, if you want to keep the beautiful and touching moments, you should show your natural and real side when you taking wedding photos. You do not have to prepare too many, what you need are just light makeup and simple wedding dress.

First: simple wedding dress. When choosing wedding dresses, you’d better choose simple wedding dresses with good fabric and drape effect. The brides will look so elegant and graceful if sweeps of the wedding dresses are covered with gauze. If you wedding dresses are too luxury and complicated, people will pay more attention to your wedding dresses, not you! So you must remember that you are the main role of the wedding photos, not your wedding dress. Besides, simple wedding dresses are much cheaper than complicated wedding dresses. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for simple wedding dresses. Kill two birds with one stone! You can find lots of lovely simple wedding dresses at VogueQueen.  vogue queen

Second: Clean makeup look. Heavy makeup is not good for taking wedding photos. If you want to highlight the skin texture, you can use pearl powder to highlight the T zone and triangle glance. Your foundation make-up should be thin, about the lip makeup, you can apply a small amount of lip gloss. You must pay more attention to your eyebrows and eyes.


Third: delicate headwears. There are all kinds of headwears, veils, crowns, flowers, crystal hairpins and so on. Apart from the veils, you can also use other accessories in small areas.



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