Wedding jewelries for wedding dresses with different styles

When choosing the wedding jewelry, the wedding jewelry must go with the clothing color. The bride who wears a white wedding dress will generally choose the material such as platinum, diamond, crystal and pearl jewelry, but for the avant-garde bride, it is no longer constrained in wedding dress and formal dress, colors and styles are based on personality and beauty, the choice space of jewelry is broader, experimental avant-garde styles will be warmly welcomed.

White wedding dress

Swear an oath in the solemn church, hold wedding reception on the grassland or hold buffet, white wedding dress and suit are the most solemn choices. If you choose the romantic European style wedding, bright jewelry is the best choice for the wedding. Diamond, platinum, crystal and pearl are appropriate material. European style vines design, classical elegant decorative style and the modern minimalist style are very good choices. In European style wedding, many people will choose a big shaped medallion and headdress, but also people will not choose, choose your preferred styles per your interest. For more traditional wedding dresses, you may check at VogueQueen.

Avant-garde wedding dress

Ultra short black gown, FEIYUE shoes; decorate the wedding scene as Doraemon’s house; change holding flowers for lollipop… Jewelry is given priority to exaggerated dazzing artistic style. Collocation guide: colorful wedding dress is suitable for wearing a colorful jewelry. The colors like cocktail will bring more decorative effect and possibility. Jewelry can also match with some ethnic elements. You can be infinite and enlarge the function of jewelry.

Modern and simple wedding dress

For the busy office workers, the wedding ceremony also tends to be simple, a small 20 people dinner party, or a family party are exquisite minimalist wedding party. Wedding jewelry is biased towards pragmatism, you can also wear the jewelry in daily life. If you choose the minimalist wedding, you can choose the simple and practical design so that the pledge of marriage can always be with you. Low-key and classic style is strongly recommended to wear comfortable, not easy to fall off jewelry is most suitable for everyday wear for a long time, coupled with clever design, extremely brief can also be full of artistic aesthetic feeling.

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