Luxury wedding jewelries and wedding dress for winter wedding

The romantic winter is coming, each jewelry brand has released their latest jewelry design and classic styles of this year. Luxury wedding dresses and gorgeous wedding jewelry are very suit for winter wedding since the weather is cold and the brides can wear layered wedding dresses. Usually the summer wedding dresses are thin and simple, the wedding jewelries for summer wedding should be simple and elegant so that the total look would be harmonious. While in winter, luxury wedding jewelries are better. Here are some lovely wedding jewelries for you!

Diamond is an eternal and classic, the diamond is sparkling, it makes the perfect interpretation of love with its natural beauty. The internal diamond jewelry not only witnesses the beauty of love, also escort the boat of love forever. Beautiful diamond for the winter added some clever vitality.


What kind of things best interprets romance? Is a flower, of course! The queen of the flowers-rose can express the beauty of love and romance, and make the autumn and winter more warm and romantic! The style of French princess Mary’s age is the ultimate measure of France excellent taste. The rose is the most popular flower in that time. Of course the rose has been the classic theme of the Christian Dior.


The classic sapphire is mysterious, noble and elegant. The born with dignity of sapphire is so charming, I believe that the sapphire jewelry will help you to build noble and elegant temperament on your winter wedding.



How do you like these jewelries? Which kind of wedding dresses can match well with the gorgeous wedding jewelries? I recommend you this strapless princess taffeta, it’s stunning! You can order this wedding dress at VogueQueen, it’s quite cheap now. There are more fashion women clothes at voguequeen, you can visit the site.


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