How to choose wedding dress according to your body type

Choosing a wedding dress is really a headache for many ladies. I will give you some advice on choosing wedding dress for your big day!

If you are a petite lady, empire wedding dresses or wedding dresses that have ornaments on the waist are suit for you. You must avoid ball gown wedding dresses, these wedding gowns will strengthen your disadvantages of your figure. About the sleeves, too exaggerated sleeves, such as bubble sleeves or ruffles, are not good.The upper part of the wedding dress can be luxury and changeable, the sweep and the veil mustn’t be too long.

If you are slim and thin, congratulations! You can wear nearly all kinds of wedding dresses, I strongly recommend you to choose a mermaid wedding dress, it’s extremely sexy and noble. If you are too thin, you can choose wedding dresses that emphasize the designs of the shoulder, shoulder pads and inflated bubble sleeve lotus leaf design will make you look dynamic.

If you are a pump girl, high neck wedding dresses are not suit for you. V-neck wedding dresses are your first choices. The establishment on the waist and sweep should be as simple as possible. Simple wedding dresses are very suit for pump brides. Find lovely simple wedding dresses at

You must also consider the situation and time apart from your body types when you choose your wedding dress. If it’s celebration or ceremony, the wedding dress should be luxury, while on witnessing of the wedding, you are back to your friends and relatives, the back details of the wedding dress should be delicate. If you adapt civil marriage, your wedding dress must be concise and elegant!

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Five most expensive wedding dresses all over the world

To have a “perfect wedding dress of the century” should be the dream of every woman, and the following five women are the women who owned wedding dress like this. They are the icons of each era, they wore wedding dress that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are unsurpassable women.

NO. 5, Grace Kelly’s dress, $65.000

The American film actress at first, later the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s dress designer is Helen Rose, a women’s seamstress in the MGM. This wedding dress revealed the special style of that century, the dress is a whole dress, long sleeve and high collar are highlights of the unique wedding dress .Using the 100 yards of silk net and 25 yards of pure silk taffeta, the dress is called a real princess dress.

NO. 4 Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress, $100.000

Victoria Beckham’s strapless dress was designed by the hot dress designer Vera Wang, the dress up to 20 feet, also became the most expensive dress of that time. The outline and establishment of this wedding dress is quite simple, but so elegant!!! You can fins similar wedding dresses at

NO. 3 Princess Diana’s wedding dress, $150.000

This lace wedding dresses with embroidery and pearls was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, like a train, 24 feet.

NO. 2, Melania Knauss’s dress, $200.000

Slovenia model Melania Knauss married property tycoon Donald Trump in 2005. So when you marry a rich man, your wedding dress will also be a very expensive model. Melania Knauss’s wedding dress is made up of 1500 rhinestones and 300 feet gauze.

NO. 1 Princess Kate’s wedding dress, $400.000

The inspiration of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress came from Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. From the point of the silk and lace, the dress must follow the royal style. This is art, known as the wedding of the century, the creative director of this dress is Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. This dress is unique in detail, bud silk rose is a symbol of England and thistles is Scotland, clover for Ireland, and daffodils for Wales.

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The wedding dress road of knitwear queen

Designer Emily has crazy love on knitted garments,she bought a knitwear factory with the support of her husband in 1980, not very long, she used her unique view of fashion and the degree of grip on the acumen of popular fashion, she got quite famous in New York, her studio became the sample sources of famous brands like K.Kipps,  Horald Levine, Mike Corwin. Later, her own knitting clothing brand Jennifer Roberts, became the mainstream of American fashion market. She is quite skilled at choosing fabrics, especially in knitting clothing design and manufacturing process of understanding and grasp to new heights. Her design is concise and easy, she is good at making a fusion style design and fabric qualities, properly highlight their own advantages and temperament characteristic shape.

Since 2002, Emily Ma studio began wedding dresses custom services. On the one hand, they explore the excellent young designers to carry out international cooperation, on the other hand, they hire plate-making division, adopt old European dress production techniques, combined with modern technology at the same time, their wedding dresses aim to curve shape perfectly for women.

A perfect wedding dress must emphasize bosom line to raise the overall profile, it was aware of this, the studio she founded developed a unique Magic chest process with the aid of modern science and technology and materials, it can curve the best outline and modify body according to the shape of different female characteristic, let the bride-to-be fully effortlessly, natural hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, achieve the goal of sculpture body.

Compared with the plane cutting, stereo clipping often need to increase the quantity of work piece and sutures in order to better fit the female body curves, especially for some of the more complicated design, program and need not say oneself. But too much of the work piece and sutures, will make the clothes appear like white elephants, what test the clipping skill of a designer is often how make the best cutting effect with simple and least amount of cutting piece and sutures. Find lovely simple wedding dresses at

The fabric is very important for a dress. Emily always adhere to choose high quality fabrics. It is not a must use the most expensive fabrics, but according to each wedding dress design, use of high quality fabrics. Real silk, chiffon or lace, on the one hand, continuously search and purchase in the global; On the other hand, modify the original fabric.

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Alternative wedding photography , will you try?

The wedding photos are pure, dreamlike and holy matchless in many people’s mind. However, theirs is a new fashion trend about the wedding photography in America. This wedding photography has totally changed the inherent impression of people for wedding photos. According to the report of “Daily Mail”in England, a bride burned her wedding dress and rushed to the sea when she took her wedding photos.

In the video, we can see the entire course. Natasha Samuel is the protagonist of this video, before shoot, she asked her friends to splash flammable solvents on her wedding dress, and then burn the wedding dress quickly with matchstick and rushed to the sea. Before she run into the sea, she looked back and smile. The photographer happened to capture this beautiful moment.


The wedding photography of Samuel is the master work of “Destroy the wedding dress “photography trend. This photography trend aimed to break the traditional holy image of the bride in white wedding dress. The brides break the wedding dress in all kinds of methods and create a series of shocking photos. Some brides prefer to shoot at the beach, some love the landfills and abandoned buildings, and some enjoy the busy city streets. They walked into the hole with white wedding dress, cross the deserted playground, or loiter in the corn field.  To take this wedding photos, simple and casual wedding dresses are much better. Find cheap beach wedding dresses at


This popular wedding photography was lead by wedding photographer John Mike Cooper, he tried to persuade the new couples to try a different way of shooting since 2001. One thing you must keep mind is that you must keep you safe. Some tragedy happened when taking the wedding photos, there are brides who fall into the water and get near-drowning. If you want to take a special wedding photo, you must make grand preparations before shooting.


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Tips on choosing wedding dresses for brides with wide shoulders

Do you have a wide shoulder? Do you have problem on choosing wedding dress? For those who have wide shoulders, it’s quite difficult to choose a perfect wedding dress. If you choose a wrong wedding dress, it will be counterproductive. You must notice the sleeve length, color, print and neckline of your wedding dress. Here are some advice for brides who have wide shoulders.

First, if the prints on your wedding dress are very small, then the neckline of your wedding dress must be wide. Wide necklines are suit for people with wide shoulders. V-neck wedding dresses are very good choices for brides with wide shoulders.

Second, U-neck wedding dresses are also very suit for brides with wide shoulders. U-neck wedding dresses will make your neck appear longer, thus your shoulder will look narrow in vision. About the fabrics, silk has very good drapability and texture, you can choose a silk wedding dress.

Third, dark colored wedding dresses are very good for you if you want to appear slim. Dark colors have very good effect of convergence. Black is absolutely not the only choice, but it is one of the best choices. If you think that dark colors will make you look so old, you can add some accessories with bright colors.

Fourth, use special designs and lovely prints to shift the focus. If you do not want people to focus on your wide shoulder, you can choose wedding dresses that have very creative establishment or lovely prints. Thus, people will be attracted by the lovely designs and certainly no one would notice your wide shoulders.

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Should wedding dress be worn for only once?

For all the prospective brides, the wedding day is a very important day. In order to show their best side on the wedding, they spend lots time looking for a wedding dress. However, after the wedding, their wedding dresses are locked in their closets forever. We know that a good wedding dress is quite expensive. Isn’t it quite wasteful? Can we just modify our wedding dresses and give second life to our wedding dresses after our wedding? That’s a good idea. In fact, this is not very difficult. You can do some clipping and dye on your wedding dress to make your wedding dress as a daily dress!

I saw an Oscar de la Renta wedding dress is on discount at, she bought it without hesitation, after some clipping and dye, this wedding dress changed in to a cocktail dress. It’s quite practical, isn’t it? Simple wedding dress is very easy to modify since there are not too many establishments on the wedding dresses. If you don’t love luxury style wedding dresses, you can consider simple wedding dresses. Simple wedding dresses are quite elegant and casual. Besides, you can wear your wedding dress again after some small modifications after the wedding. You can find many simple wedding dresses at Do you want to modify your wedding dress as a cocktail dress or evening dress? Take out your wedding dress from your closet now!

However, I believe that most of you would hesitate before you start to modify your wedding dress. There are still many people think that we should not choose wedding dress from a practical perspective. The accessory editor of American version Vogue thought that wedding dress must be kept as memory after the wedding. She kept her Alexander McQueen wedding dress in a glass box after the wedding. She said that the wedding day is a special day, nothing could measure the value of that day, the same as the wedding dress.

What’s your opinion about modifying wedding dress? Do you think wedding dress should only wear for only once and keep forever or modify the wedding dress after the wedding from the practical aspect? In fact, you can buy quite cheap but well qualified online wedding dress online now. Thus you won’t feel regrettable for only wearing the wedding dress for only once. You can find many lovely and chic wedding dresses at VogueQueen.

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Three new trends in wedding dress fashion

Autumn is going to come to an end, there are not too many in full bloom of flowers in this season. However, it doesn’t matter, the wedding dresses that are mixed with creative design and traditional elements are sure to make you the most beautiful bride in autumn! The newest wedding dress series break the bondage of traditional design boldly!

In 1840, Britain’s queen Victoria married prince Albert, Victoria wore a white lace wedding dress on that wedding. Her wedding dress changed the wedding dress history from then on. Before her wedding dress came out, the women wore the wedding dresses that they thought are beautiful, they did not have unified standard. Today, the wedding dress queen Vera Wang reopened the trend for colorful wedding dresses. She added black ribbon to the wedding dress at first, from then on, colorful wedding dresses are getting more and more popular. In this year’s wedding dress series, wedding dresses that are not white appeared in many wedding dress shows of many famous wedding dress bands.

Vera Wang Dress

Irregular elements like high-low sweep, asymmetrical neckline and lace one-shoulder design make the traditional wedding dresses quite bold and modern. The wedding dresses break the bondage of rules and become sexy and delicate! The high-low wedding dress is very suit for semi-open wedding, the high-low wedding dress has luxury train and can let the brides walk around freely at the same time.


In terms of design, pop style is not a simple and coincident style, it’s the mix of many styles. The pop style wedding dresses emphasis on new originality and totally different feeling to the people. Avant-garde meets with retro and elegance, neutral styles mix with sweet and romantic styles… The mix of all kinds of style is the soul of pop style! Young people who are searching for creative wedding dresses are suit for pop style wedding dresses!



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