Matching skills for the mother of the bride on the wedding day

The wedding is a big event for the new couple and the wedding day is one of the happiest days. When preparing for the wedding day, many parents of the new couples are also preparing for the clothes that they will wear on wedding day. How the mother of the bride wears on the wedding day? Here are some matching skills for the mothers.

Generally speaking, the mother’s clothes are more difficult to choose compared with the father. In fact, there is a criterion for the mother of bride dress: the mother of the bride should appear graceful and solemn. Too tedious and ethereal dresses are not suit for the mother, this kind of dress will make the mother not solemn. The colors for the mother of bride dresses are black, purple and dark red. A pair of suitable high-heeled shoes and some jewelry are very necessary.


After choosing the dress, the mother should also choose a handbag to match with dress, The color of the bag should be similar with the dress so that the total look would be harmonious, silk handbags with beading are very elegant and noble.




If the wedding is held in cold autumn and winter, the mother could also wear a luxury fur stole outside the dress to keep warm and noble. What’s more, you can also wear a fur coat to keep warn as long as the fur coat goes well with the dress. You may choose VogueQueen fur coats, very cheap and fashion.



The wedding day is a very important day, the new couples, the parents of the new couples, the bridesmaid and the groomsman…everyone is very important. If you want to view more wedding apparel, you can find lots of fashion clothes at


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