Long sleeve wedding dresses, love or hate?

Which kind of wedding dress is suit for a winter wedding? Keeping warm is very important on winter wedding. How to keep warm? Some may wear strapless wedding dress and stole, some may wear long sleeve wedding dresses. Many of you may think that long sleeve wedding dresses are very dull and can’t perfectly show the beauty of the brides. You are wrong! Have you notice the lovely long sleeve wedding dresses on the 2014 New York wedding dress week? So stunning!! Let’s have a look at these lovely long sleeve wedding dresses!

If you think long sleeve wedding dress is too ponderous, you can try half sleeve wedding dress. This half sleeve wedding dress is very elegant. The lovely lace and embroidery make this wedding dress quite delicate. If you lovely simple wedding dress, you can’t miss this wedding dress.


In fact, the long sleeve can be lovely too. Look at this long sleeve lave wedding dress. The beautiful lace and the transparent tulle combine together, making this long sleeve wedding dress quite sexy and elegant. You don’t have to worry that the long sleeve will make the wedding dress look very cumbersome.


What’s more, thin fabrics and fine embroidery patterns are very useful to reduce the thickness of the wedding dresses. The embroidery on the wedding dress may divert attention from the thickness of the sleeve.



How do you like these long sleeve wedding dresses? Very lovely, isn’t it? Strapless wedding dresses and fur stoles are also very good wedding apparel collocation. Are you looking for a wedding dress for your coming wedding? The VogueQueen wedding dresses are really cost-effective, or you can search at edenbridals.com, also a very good online wedding dress store.


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